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StayAlert History


Allen Hartle, Executive Director of StayAlert, is a broadcast engineer & serial entrepreneur who has pioneered FM sub-carrier technology for 30+ years. His metadata products that display Artist & Title in car radios have served thousands of radio stations & millions of radio listeners worldwide.   


In 2012 the StayAlert team collaborated to create an Alerting system to serve 26 Gulf State radio markets.

StayAlert features state of the art FM Alert technology & is inspired by the 2012 DHS - FEMA - NPR Labs project to serve the hard of hearing and deaf community.


This national project demonstrated an emergency alerting system for the deaf and hard-of-hearing population in the U.S. using broadcast radio as the transmission medium.


This affordable radio receiver interfaces RDS radio data to real world functions such as bright beacon flashing, and bed shakers. 


An optional screen can be attached for visual information.

StayAlert is a community-focused volunteer organization dedicated to delivering life saving information where people are most likely to receive it, at home and in the car!

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