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StayAlert RDS/RDS2 Data Processor



​Software Features

  • Vertokken RDS Open Data Application

  • StayAlert Mesh Network

  • RDS Message Verification 

  • Profanity Protection

Easy Installation

​Hardware Features

  • Advanced Subcarrier Processor

  • Eight RDS data receivers

  • Four Balanced Audio in/outputs

  • Remotely Managed IoT Device

  • Remote application deployment 

  • Redundant Power Supply switching

  • Multi-speed cooling system


1. Attach External Antenna Coax "F" Connector

2. Ethernet cable to local LAN

3. Ethernet cable to local LAN

4. Apply Power

Advanced Sub Carrier Data Processor


​Hardware Features

  • Eight RDS data receivers

  • RDS/RDS2 Ready

  • RDS Open Data Application CPU 

  • IP and serial communications

  • TCP Server

  • HD Radio Carrier Detection

StayAlert Modular Series

StayAlert Modular CPU

  • Injects Alert  data to RDS/HD Radio system

  • Optional GPIO Device available

  • Remotely managed IoT device

  • Works with StayAlert SA1 Tuner


StayAlert GPIO Interface

  • Monitors 24 Analog status sources

  • Interacts with StayAlert CPU via Ethernet

  • Works with StayAlert SA1 MCU

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