StayAlert RDS/RDS2 Data Processor



​Software Features

  • Vertokken RDS Open Data Application

  • StayAlert Mesh Network

  • RDS Message Verification 

  • Profanity Protection

​Hardware Features

  • Advanced Subcarrier Processor

  • Eight RDS data receivers

  • Four Balanced Audio in/outputs

  • Remotely Managed IoT Device

  • Remote application deployment 

  • Redundant Power Supply switching

  • Multi-speed cooling system

Easy Installation


1. Attach External Antenna Coax "F" Connector

2. Ethernet cable to local LAN

3. Ethernet cable to local LAN

4. Apply Power

Advanced Sub Carrier Data Processor


​Hardware Features

  • Eight RDS data receivers

  • RDS/RDS2 Ready

  • RDS Open Data Application CPU 

  • IP and serial communications

  • TCP Server

  • HD Radio Carrier Detection

StayAlert Modular Series

StayAlert Modular CPU

  • Injects Alert  data to RDS/HD Radio system

  • Optional GPIO Device available

  • Remotely managed IoT device

  • Works with StayAlert SA1 Tuner


StayAlert GPIO Interface

  • Monitors 24 Analog status sources

  • Interacts with StayAlert CPU via Ethernet

  • Works with StayAlert SA1 MCU