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FM Radio plays a critical role in Public Safety


Tornado Alert warning System


There were 1,152 confirmed tornadoes in the United States in 2022.


In an average year
800 tornadoes are reported nationwide, resulting in 80 deaths and 1500 injuries.

Saving lives in our community

The Quu "StayAlert" system reaches people in their car, to warn them of imminent danger.


Tornadoes in U.S. since 1950

  • Imagine Quu being in every radio station in every threatened market

  • Patent protection opportunity

  • Potential for FEMA grants as well


The StayAlert system is installed in one or many radio stations per market. Each station broadcasts a unique beacon, that additional stations can identify and lock onto. The result is a network of stations broadcasting alerts to listeners while taking advantage of FM's "Always On" capabilities.

Station #1 is unique in that it receives Alerts via Satellite, additional stations receive Alerts via the other stations FM RDS signal


Quu Emergency Alerts are broadcast by a highly reliable network of public and commercial radio stations that are linked together without reliance on the Internet.

StayAlert System Diagram

StayAlert - Quu (1).png

Seattle - Orcas Island Pilot Program

Alert Participants.png

Crista Media & KUOW are committed to participate


StayAlert data distribution receivers reach the public in many ways.

Data distribution hardware

This professional StayAlert receiver distributes StayAlert messages to HDMI monitors & electronic signage for public viewing.

Portable, compact & affordable devices.

USB FM Tuner

  • Works with StayAlert Adapter & PC's

  • Works with Indoor/Outdoor Antennas

  • SD Card (For Upgrades)

  • HDMI Port (For TV's & Monitors)

  • USB Ports (FMTuner)

  • Ethernet (Network)

  • On Board WiFi Hotspot

 Deaf/Hard of Hearing features

  • Strobe Light

  • Bed Shaker contacts

Table Top Receiver
(In development)


StayAlert RDS Data Processor



​Hardware Features

  • Advanced Subcarrier Processor

  • Eight RDS data receivers

  • Four Balanced Audio in/outputs

  • Remotely Managed IoT Device

  • Remote application deployment 

  • Redundant Power Supply switching

Easy Installation


1. Attach External Antenna Coax "F" Connector

2. Ethernet cable to local LAN

3. Ethernet cable to local LAN

4. Apply Power

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