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"StayAlert - Orcas Island" is a public safety project serving the Pacific Northwest's
San Juan Islands

StayAlert has applied for an Eastsound radio station at 102.3 FM

StayAlert - Road-Map.png

Future plans include additional transmitters in key island locations.


The StayAlert Orcas Island Project Objectives

1) Collect and distribute Emergency Alert messages without dependence on local Internet connections 

2) Broadcast Alert messages throughout communities using FM transmitters that are linked via their FM signals.

3) Provide community centers & citizens with StayAlert data receivers that relay the messages via an assortment of devices and displays, including car radios.

4) Develop additional features to assist the deaf & hard of hearing


StayAlert creates regional partnerships

We partner with a neighboring Class C station KWPZ (63,000 watts) to regionally extend the StayAlert data services beyond our Islands to the mainland including nearby Tribal lands.


Green dot the ne102.3 FM (Eastsound)  -  Yellow is StayAlert HQ  -  Red is KWPZ FM (63,000 watts)
Additional transmitters suggested
for Olga, Doe Bay, Deer Harbor & the ferry terminal.

Note the directional pattern to keep our Canadian friends happy


Initial StayAlert Network

State Participants MASTER.png

Technology to be Installed at the Radio Station(s)

At the heart of the StayAlert system is the StayAlert data processor installed at the radio station.

The StayAlert device collects, filters and broadcasts Alerts using RDS, the most popular, powerful and robust FM data carrier.


Within the processor is an eight channel FM RDS data receiver.

Dedicated FM receivers scan the FM band to lock on to other StayAlert stations


A StayAlert device is installed in one or more radio stations per market

Station #1 is unique in that it receives Alerts via Satellite.

Additional stations receive Alerts via the other station's FM RDS signal

A unique StayAlert beacon is broadcast, that additional station's StayAlert devices can identify and lock onto. The result is a network of FM signals broadcasting alerts to listeners while taking advantage of FM's "Always On" capabilities.

Benefits to the Community


StayAlert uses the power of terrestrial FM to deliver Alerts to Public places, homes, phones and car radios.


Public Places
(Silent Alerts)

HDMI Displays     PC Laptops       Mobile     Car Radios

DALL·E 2023-12-19 10.39.07 - A powerful speaker on a simple background. The speaker is lar

Silent Alerts (Powered by Tonio)


Alert Messages are received anywhere the station audio can be heard.

Alert Messages are silently embedded in the station audio

DALL·E 2023-12-19 10.39.07 - A powerful speaker on a simple background. The speaker is lar

Phones running the StayAlert App detect the audio & display the Alert

KUT iphoneAlert.png
KUT intruderAlert.png

Silent Alarms are especially useful for Campus Security

Stay Alert can be added to popular public places. Like grocery store background music services.


Mobile phones activate when an alert is received


Silent Alarms Work Flow


Customer operations defines library of Alerts to display on mobile App

DALL·E 2023-12-19 10.39.07 - A powerful speaker on a simple background. The speaker is lar

Facility Audio Source

Silent Alert Audio Encoder

Audio Amplifier

Audio with embedded Alerts

KUT iphoneAlert.png

Life Saving Result


Alert distribution hardware

Portable, compact & affordable devices.

USB FM Tuner

  • Works with StayAlert Adapter & PC's

  • Works with Indoor/Outdoor Antennas

  • SD Card (For Upgrades)

  • HDMI Port (For TV's & Monitors)

  • USB Ports (FMTuner)

  • Ethernet (Network)

  • On Board WiFi Hotspot

 Deaf/Hard of Hearing features

  • Strobe Light

  • Bed Shaker contacts

Table Top Receiver
(In development)


StayAlert System Diagram

StayAlert - DAS_Ausio (3).png
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