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On June 30th 2022 The State of Washington recently created the "Missing Indigenous Person Alert" citing: “We know that indigenous people go missing at a significantly higher rate than the general population."

For many of the people living in the San Juan Islands, appreciating the natural beauty leads to thoughts of the original inhabitants, the relevant history of the United States territorial expansion and its negative impact upon the Native Americans who lived here  year-round, from time immemorial. 

StayAlert's founder: Allen Hartle, originally pioneered the technology that displays Artist and Song Titles on car radios in the 1990's. Now a resident of Orcas Island, living in the San Juan Islands brought the plight of the Missing Indigenous Person cause to his attention.  

"There are currently 133 missing indigenous people missing in Washington State. In acknowledgement of the disproportionate social challenges some tribal members have historically faced, we are fortunate to posses technological skills and resources to potentially give back to the community & culture that we find so inspiring today."

"The StayAlert pilot project is being installed in key Northwest radio stations, to enable Missing Indigenous Person Alerts to be broadcast onto the dashboard of car radios in the region. At any given moment an Alert is active, thousands of cars will light up with the text messages.  This is an especially effective media early in the Alert's life span." 

Seattle and Bellingham radio stations are the first participants of the StayAlert pilot program. Other emergency Alerts related to Amber and Weather will also be available for broadcast. 

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