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StayAlert History

Working with NPR Laboratories, the StayAlert team demonstrated a national Alert initiative 


This national project demonstrated an emergency alerting system for the deaf and hard-of-hearing population in the U.S. using broadcast radio as the transmission medium.


This affordable radio receiver interfaces RDS radio data to real world functions such as bright beacon flashing, and bed shakers. 


An optional screen can be attached for visual information.

StayAlert is a community-focused volunteer organization dedicated to delivering life saving information where people are most likely to receive it, at home and in the car!


2016 - Robust.png


•In 2014 Jump2Go had completed designing a new RDS encoder for an NPR Labs/FEMA funded project. Allen Hartle’s son Skyler (Who is now a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Azure) conceived of the StayAlert concept & worked with NPR Labs to build an early version of

•In 2022 Ausio’s European team demonstrated advanced RDS & RDS2 Emergency Alert capabilities available to the Ausio RDS receiver/processor device.

•In response to the senseless tragedies taking place at schools, The Ausio Team, Allen & Skyler Hartle felt that available technologies could contribute towards School Campus Safety, (a volunteer effort) was confirmed.

•A few phone calls later to professional colleagues, and the StayAlert Pilot program was conceived.

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