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"Community First"

It's no secret that terrestrial radio is experiencing difficult times. Layoffs, massive bankruptcies, licenses being turned in as media consumption is changing at an incredible pace.  

Given the debatable & mounting sentiment that "Radio is dying", we believe it's time the radio industry: 

Return to its roots and dedicate more resources to the community of license

Even before our FCC construction permit was issued, we were making plans to deploy StayAlert, which places Emergency Alerts in the RDS dashboards of cars, dedicated video displays in public places, and affordable USB data receivers for PC/Laptop reception of alerts.


Most importantly, we are sparing no expense to provide local public safety officials to be able to directly access our on-air audio in order to better communicate to the public.

Once again, the radio station belongs to the Community.

We begin in a small island community, we are already expanding our project onto mainland locations wanting to protect millions of ocean coast visitors. 

Our mission should be to promote Terrestrial Radio's vast technical resources, they need to be recognized as the national asset they are.

"Community First" Media  

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