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The StayAlert Network Benefits to the Community

  • LPFM Radio Station

  • A two county wide regional Emergency Alert System (SJC & Thurston)

  • Streaming Media Platform supporting community organizations, Alerts, local musicians and businesses

  • A gateway to streaming video platforms (YouTube)


102.3 FM

  • An FCC authorized LPFM station broadcasting from Eastsound on 102.3 FM which includes being a participant in the national EAS system.

  • Alerts are simulcast on KWPZ on Mt Constitution at 63,000 watts  reaching San Juan County, Bellingham including  the Lummi Nation

  • Emergency alerts that will be present in the harshest of local emergencies (Power Loss in SJC)

  • Terminals installed at local public spaces.  (Senior Center, Fire department etc)

  • Localized Alerts directly created by local officials including:

    • OPALCO

    • Fire & Rescue

    • San Juan County Sherriff

    • SJC Emergency preparedness

    • Auto TECH reports during inclement weather

OrcasRadio Programming Agenda

  • A robust community of volunteers

  • Locally focussed programming created by island producers

  • Playing local Island artists on-air at least three times an hour.

  • An all-inclusive PSA program so *All* Orcas non profits can share their missions with the community.

  • Ambitious long format programs produced locally (Local DJ's & Musicians, poets, story tellers)

  • Summer long live broadcasts from the green performance stage, farmer's market & musical guests.

  • High School Sports reports by "Brandon the Sports guy"


A streaming media platform that enables OrcasRadio to be heard globally on any mobile device. This is extremely valuable as Cellular coverage on the Island greatly exceeds the reach of FM. 

  • Visualizations & metadata for on-air activity

  • Last Played information

  • Full motion video for multi purposes, art, promotion, local vendor advertisements.

players.png includes a one stop source of vital information serving public safety & local vendors.


OrcasTV is an archive of live events of original create work performed by local artists. It is pushed into popular streaming platforms such as YouTube & Facebook Live.

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