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Emergency Alerts are broadcast by a highly reliable network of public and commercial radio stations that are linked together without reliance on the Internet.

We live on a remote Island, always aware that both our electricity & Internet are dependent upon a single underwater cable. 


Even with the improvements in underwater cables, we live with a single point of failure for both electricity and Internet.

Power cables.jpg

This is a 2017 picture of the Inter-island cables. Fiberoptic in the grey conduit.


Today's underwater cables combine power and Fiber Optic data. 

StayAlert uses a combination of satellite data delivery & a web of FM RDS devices.

At the heart of the system is an intelligent eight channel FM RDS data receiver built into an Ausio metadata processor.


Dedicated FM receivers scan the FM band to lock on local StayAlert "Master" stations


StayAlert System Diagram

StayAlert - DAS_Ausio (3).png

Pilot Program to link Orcas Island with KUOW (Seattle)

StayAlert - Seattle (1).png

Seattle Expansion

StayAlert RDS Data Processor



​Hardware Features

  • Advanced Subcarrier Processor

  • Eight RDS data receivers

  • Four Balanced Audio in/outputs

  • Remotely Managed IoT Device

  • Remote application deployment 

  • Redundant Power Supply switching

Easy Installation


1. Attach External Antenna Coax "F" Connector

2. Ethernet cable to local LAN

3. Ethernet cable to local LAN

4. Apply Power

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