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The StayAlert Project is inspired by the 2012 
DHS - FEMA - NPR Labs project to serve the hard of 
hearing and deaf community.

The goals have been refined to reach more people, cost less
to implement and includes improved FM reception capabilities 

The StayAlert Project Objectives

1) Collect and filter Emergency Alert messages without dependence on local Internet connections 

2) Broadcast Alert messages throughout communities using high power FM transmitters that are linked via their FM signals.

3) Provide community centers & people with StayAlert data receivers that relay the messages via an assortment of devices and displays, including car radios.

4) Develop additional features to assist the deaf & hard of hearing

When Disaster Strikes FM Radio Will be There


Terrestrial radio stations have robust emergency infrastructure such as backup Towers/Transmitters & Power Generators to make sure the signal is always on the air.


The Orcas Island Pilot Program


StayAlert is a Washington Non Profit 501 c3 organization

We have applied for an FCC LPFM license to serve our community with advanced StayAlert capabilities and the traditional audio services typical of a community radio station.

We have also partnered
with neighboring Class C stations to extend the data services regionally, providing StayAlert benefits far beyond our Islands including nearby Tribal lands. 

Pilot Program Participants

State Participants MASTER.png

To the left: The Community of Eastsound, The populated portion of Orcas Island. Center is KWPZ (Mt Constitution) broadcasting StayAlert RDS data at 63,000 watts

Technology Installed at the Radio Station


At the heart of the StayAlert system is the StayAlert data processor installed at the radio station.

The StayAlert device collects, filters and broadcasts Alerts using RDS, the most popular, powerful and robust FM data carrier.


Within the processor is an eight channel FM RDS data receiver.

Dedicated FM receivers scan the FM band to lock on to other StayAlert stations


A StayAlert device is installed in one or more radio stations per market

Station #1 is unique in that it receives Alerts via Satellite.

Additional stations receive Alerts via the other station's FM RDS signal

A unique StayAlert beacon is broadcast, that additional station's StayAlert devices can identify and lock onto. The result is a network of FM signals broadcasting alerts to listeners while taking advantage of FM's "Always On" capabilities.

Benefits to the Community


StayAlert uses the power of terrestrial FM to deliver Alerts to shelters, homes, phones and car radios.


HDMI Displays     PC Laptops       Mobile     Car Radios


Data distribution hardware

Portable, compact & affordable devices.

USB FM Tuner

  • Works with StayAlert Adapter & PC's

  • Works with Indoor/Outdoor Antennas

  • SD Card (For Upgrades)

  • HDMI Port (For TV's & Monitors)

  • USB Ports (FMTuner)

  • Ethernet (Network)

  • On Board WiFi Hotspot

 Deaf/Hard of Hearing features

  • Strobe Light

  • Bed Shaker contacts

Table Top Receiver
(In development)


Pilot Program Participants

StayAlert System Diagram

StayAlert - DAS_Ausio (3).png
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