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StayAlert's mission is to bring Emergency Alerts to San Juan County via high power terrestrial FM technologies to avoid reliance upon the Internet. 

We have partnered with Seattle based high powered FM stations to incorporate Alert data deep within their FM signal using our unique sub-carrier technology.

At Mt Constitution StayAlert devices decode the data and re-broadcast it on 106.5 KWPZ at 83,000 watts, effectively blanketing the San Juan Islands with Alert data.

Hero-Logos-KWPZ-TM (1).png

On Orcas Island, we are providing technology that displays the Alert data for the public.  Including incorporating Alert data into, an online streaming media portal, that features music from Orcas related artists and promotes orcas merchants.

We are also planning on providing equipment to Oddfellows Hall and the Chamber of Commerce. 

FM Tuner

  • Works with StayAlert Adapter & PC's

  • Works with Indoor/Outdoor Antennas


Table Top Receiver
(In development)

  • SD Card (For Upgrades)

  • HDMI Port (For TV's & Monitors)

  • USB Ports (FMTuner)

  • Ethernet (Network)

  • On Board WiFi Hotspot

 Deaf/Hard of Hearing features

  • Strobe Light

  • Bed Shaker contacts

Pilot Program Participants & Data Flow

Satellite Dish.png
Satellite Dish.png

Alerts via Satellite

When the disaster strikes, FM Radio will be there


Terrestrial radio stations have serious emergency infrastructure such as backup generators to make sure the signal is always on the air.


A professional grade backup generator, even more powerful than the generator at Island Market! :)

Within the Radio Station, StayAlert uses a combination of satellite data delivery & a network of local FM RDS devices.

At the heart of the StayAlert system is an intelligent eight channel FM RDS data receiver built into the StayAlert data processor.


Dedicated FM receivers scan the FM band to lock on local StayAlert "Master" stations


StayAlert System Diagram

StayAlert - DAS_Ausio (3).png
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